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DOLCE Slip Dress - Sew-along video

Easily sew your DOLCE Slip Dress by following the step-by-step instructions provided in the sew-along video.

Read all the information and details provided within the PDF file before starting with your project.

Once you have chosen the view you will make and your fabric, make sure to make the right adjustments (if needed) before cutting into it. Then you are all set to start.

View C: Top

This top was made with light-weight satin and light-weight embroidery cotton. They were both cut with the main font and back pieces to make the top reversible.

View B: Mini Dress

This mini dress was made with light-weight rayon viscose with a floral print.

This fabric is super fresh and airy and it gives a nice movement to the garment.

View A: Midi Dress

This midi dress was made with light-weight cotton poplin in royal blue.

This fabric has structure and creates more volume without a drape.

Thank you for purchasing my pattern and I hope to see you soon for the next release.

Lore Piar

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