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It all started in November of 2020 with RESTORER studios, an upcycling fashion brand, after moving from my homeland Perú to The Netherlands. 

Along the way, I got to meet the online sewing community on Instagram and I had the chance to connect with other Indie pattern makers (completely new for me).

I loved to see everyone's creations using one pattern, and converting it into something that suits their own taste and needs. I got inspired and energetic with the idea of providing my own designs to help others who wanted to express themselves but were not able to draft their own patterns.

After a couple of months, in april of 2021, I started creating my own sewing patterns and everything felt right to follow that path.

Here I am now, enjoying the process and learning every day to provide the best conscious products, created with care and love.



Welcome to my creative platform. I am Lorena, a Peruvian fashion designer, founder and creative director of Lore Piar sewing patterns.

I did a Bachelor in fashion design in Perú until 2007 and I got my first job in fashion in 2008. In between my fashion career, I went to Paris in 2013 and did a fashion design Master.  

Inspired by my passion to create and innovate, I have built my design process driven by curiosity, focusing on everyday details to add to my designs, seeking for a timeless yet unique approach to style.

I created this space, in the middle of a world pandemic lockdown , from my home studio in Rotterdam. Realizing I had a full wardrobe that I wasn’t going to be able to wear, for who knows how long.

My main mission was to recreate and restore my own wardrobe essentials into sustainable and timeless pieces and inspire others by using what they already own and what already exists to slow down consumerism. And then I reached heaven when I found the sewing community, and because of it i started drafting my own patterns, we all know where that got me to.

Lore Piar


My passion for fashion has grown within me since I was a little kid and I couldn't be happier about how it has enriched my life so far.

Fashion for me is a way to express myself, dressing all in black with comfortable sweatpants and a sweater because the weather is gloomy, and wearing a pair of green trousers to make my day a brighter and special one with no necessary reason. I dress for myself.


Having all these colors, textures, and qualities to work with, gives me the chance to choose what feels right for me and use my creativity and my design knowledge to transform them and make something unique from it.

This is truly a passion that I am lucky and happy to call it my job, MY dream job.

"If you follow your passion, you'll never work a day in your life". Tony Bennett

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